Dear Friends,

I'm running for Supervisor in the Richmond District because it is time for a change. Decades of timid and ineffective leadership have left our neighborhood at a crossroads. This election offers a clear choice: a fresh direction, or more of the same. 


I want the Richmond District to be a place where my three young children can grow up and raise their own kids. I want to develop lasting infrastructure and return reliability and stability to our civic institutions. I want us to think creatively and collaboratively about providing housing options that are more affordable to residents at all income levels. 

I am not running as an activist or an ideologue, but as a leader who listens to her constituents and who has the experience and temperament necessary to seek out and deliver consensus-based solutions.

Over my twenty years of public service, I've seen government do good things when focused on serving constituents and not just shouting down the opposition. This election is an opportunity to create a better, stronger Richmond - my campaign is a campaign of Yes!

Yes! Our core values as a community can drive our politics.

Yes! We can have clean sidewalks, safe streets, thriving businesses.

Yes! We can address the housing shortage that leads to rent hikes, evictions, displacement, and this growing sense of insecurity for us all.

Yes! We can invest in our infrastructure, public transit, and public education without breaking the budget.


The Richmond District needs a leader with experience in successfully managing multiple complex projects at once, who has run a small business and knows how hard it is to make payroll. We need a leader who thoughtfully plans for future generations of San Franciscans. My goal is to lead on the issues with my ears and heart wide open. 

The issues we face include:

  • Neighborhood Integrity and Housing Affordability Medium-logo-2015-640x480.png
  • Transportation Infrastructure and Forward Thinking
  • Local Business and Engaged Government YouTube-icon-full_color_0.fullsize.png Medium-logo-2015-640x480.png
  • Supportive Housing for the Homeless and Addressing Street Behavior Medium-logo-2015-640x480.png
  • Public Safety and Police Accountability YouTube-icon-full_color_0.fullsize.png Medium-logo-2015-640x480.png
  • Public Education and High Expectations
  • Traffic, Parking, and Pedestrian Safety
  • Our Responsibility to Future Generations

Read more on my take on these issues here. 


In my time as a small business owner, community advocate, Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff in the California Governor's Office, and as a Legislative Aide in the US Capitol, I have worked to defend and expand protections for working people, families, women, people of color, educators, and the environment. I have created dozens of jobs for San Francisco residents and worked to ensure women, particularly women of color, have a seat at the table in Bay Area politics. Read more about my background here.

As an involved Richmond District neighbor and mom, I worked to support merchants in the creation of the Balboa Village Merchants Association, as well as organized the First Annual BalBOOa Fright Fest!, a Halloween festival and merchant walk that brings businesses and nearby families together to enjoy the holiday in our own neighborhood. I currently serve in a volunteer capacity as President of the Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women and with other nonprofits. 

The decisions we make and the plans we implement today here in the Richmond will have a direct impact on the lives of our children and grandchildren. With my candidacy, I aim to amplify the voices of working people, families, and all of us in the Richmond District who desire a brighter future for our neighborhoods.

Say YES to a Leader Who Listens

I look forward to earning your support, and your vote.




Marjan Philhour




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